About Us

¡Hola! Welcome to Love Fattie, Hate Fat. This blog is all about one couple's struggle to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying delicious foods. 

Fattie #1

My name is Lindsey! I'm 23 years old, and my entire life I've struggled with my weight. I absolutely love to cook and create new recipes. However, between going to school and working full time, it's difficult to always cook healthy meals; it's a balancing act. My hope is to eventually follow a paleo diet and blog about my experiences along the way. (http://thepaleodiet.com/)

Fattie #2

Hi!  My name is Michael!  I wouldn't call myself a fattie, because fattie is such a harsh word.  I prefer chubby.  Chubby has a much nicer ring to it.  Chubby implies being soft, squishy, huggable, - well you get the picture.  Unfortunately, I'm not just chubby, I'm fat.  Too fat.  And I've been fat for as long as I can remember.  My goal is to lose 100 pounds!